Get rid of WSL and use Centos with VirtualBox

Get rid of WSL and use Centos with VirtualBox

I will not get into details what happened with WSL and my windows 10 laptop. Lets just say i lost a couple of shell scripts because of the encoding sometimes wsl and bash.exe or ssh via PUTTY does. If you set up your virtualbox vm to have dynamic memory and dynamic disk, you will have a much better experience (especially now with the ssd disks).

Besides WSL is not full Linux and somethings like the ssh agent, and daemons have issues or they are not working at all. So in order to relieve yourself from reinventing the wheel with WSL whileyou have hyper-v enabled, do the following…..

To uninstall hyper-v ,remove it from the windows settings in add/remove programs and execute the following command in cmd.

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Now you can install VirtualBox. download the latest ISO for CentOSfrom here:

Once installed follow the instructions below to install the vbox guest additions:

Enable ssh access :

Mount a shared folder with Windows:

and you are good to go…